Helping a media giant turn a fresh page

    Bonnier AB, the international Swedish media group, has accumulated a vast array of interests over more than two centuries of trading, in book, newspaper and magazine publishing, TV, cinemas and film production. But its growth into a conglomerate of 175 businesses in 16 countries had led to a chaotic corporate hierarchy, reflected in a visual identity that was different everywhere you looked. It was a confusing picture.

    We were able to bring order and clarity by sorting all of Bonnier’s brands and sub-brands into a simple, sensible structure, made visible by a top-to-bottom design programme and a new corporate identity for the group. The logotype we created displayed a clear Bonnier lineage, its distinctive ‘N’s echoing those of previous identities. An updated monogram, new typographic rules, a palette of muted greys with brighter secondary colours, a photographic style and image bank brought visual consistency, sophistication and simplicity to this distinguished group of companies.