Bonniers Konsthall
Contemporary art in the heart of Stockholm


Bonniers Konsthall is a venue in the centre of Stockholm exhibiting and discussing contemporary art from all over the world. Since 2016 they offer free admission to all exhibitions, aligned with the mission to spread and increase knowledge about contemporary art. The institution has its roots in the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation, which was founded in 1985 by Jeanette Bonnier, in memory of her daughter. The venue itself opened in 2006. 


Bonniers Konsthall contacted us in 2015 with a wish to rebrand the entire venue. The new identity was to coincide with their 10-year anniversary and a total rebuild of the gallery, with a relaunch in early 2016. With a vision to be a bold and daring platform for artists, as well as a scene for open-minded discussions. The challenge, as for any art gallery or museum, was to create a strong and ownable brand identity without interfering with the art and artists.


The identity is built around dialogue and communication and to enhance the visitor experience. Bonniers Konsthall needed, in a clear and highly recognisable manner, to talk to their audience – before, during and after a visit to the venue. The logotype is created to be a modern element, serving as a part of the brand expression, rather than a corporate signature, not separating itself or suggesting any hierarchies. Typography therefore became an important carrier of the identity as we sought a flexible system that could carry many different expressions, depending on the exhibition or event. Taking the Bonnier family’s involvement in Swedish literature into account, made the choice of a typographic expression even more interesting.  

Project partner: Marge Arkitekter


A much appreciated change for Bonniers Konsthall. The identity interacts with the venue through its architecture, materials and colour palette. It has a way of subtly, but distinctly expressing itself, whether it is through a sliding door or a large window facing the train tracks. Its wink to the white canvas makes for a perfect metaphor for the venue’s everyday work. Operating on an international level, Bonniers Konsthall maintains an active dialogue and exchange with other Swedish and international cultural institutions, collaborating in exhibitions, educational programmes and book publications. Bonniers Konsthall is also involved in long-term research projects, along with other cultural institutions and universities.