Direct design triggers the right touch points

    Cactus is a Hong Kong-based camera equipment company that’s grown out of an interest in photographers and their behaviour. Specifically semi-professional photographers and so-called advanced amateurs. The products that Cactus makes are based on their own observations in the world of photography; by studying comments on blogs and forums, getting suggestions from current users, and by doing first hand tests in their studio. And these discoveries become new projects and products.

    In 2011 we were asked to help revitalise the Cactus brand. With a range of high quality products at a competitive price Cactus wanted to position themselves as an enabler of good photography. We made a new corporate identity and constructed a clear strategy to charge all packaging, communication material, and their new website, with just the right amount of technicality the advanced amateurs sought after and the straightforwardness the semi-professionals expected. The direct and honest design language was well-received and Cactus’ loyal, active and engaged group of followers continue to grow all over the world.