Coca Cola
Imperfect perfection


Since 125 years, Coca-Cola have been refreshing the world.1915 Answering the call of The CocaCola Company, the contour bottle prototype is designed by Alexander Samuelson and patented by the Root Glass Company. It was approved by the Bottlers’ Association and became the standard bottle for Coca-Cola. Thirsty consumers around the globe now enjoy CocaCola Company products 1.7 billion times every single day—about 19,400 beverages every second. 98 percent of the world’s population knows the Coca-Cola brand and drink available today in over 200 countries.


Anniversary of an icon – 100 years of the Contour bottle. For 100 years, the Coca-Cola bottle has served as a muse for a who’s-who list of designers and artists – from Andy Warhol to Marc Jacobs. And, as an innovative crowdsourcing project has revealed over the last year, the iconic packaging design continues to serve as a canvas for creativity and inspire talented minds across all disciplines. Coca-Cola invited creatives from around the world to design a celebratory poster to imagine the next 100 years of the Contour experience.


Coca-Cola recently challenged artists, designers and illustrators around the world to recreate and reimagine vintage Coca-Cola bottle imagery and iconography using only three colors: Coke Red, black and white. The Coca Cola bottle is one of the most well known icons in the world. The shape is recognizable even when it´s broken into pieces. How far can you erase and blur the shape before it gets lost? How much information do you need? How much can you take away?


The poster is our answer to that. We where selected to be displayed along 26 other designers ( in total it was 230 submissions from 130 designers from 15 countries). All the original pieces were curated in a global museum tour and published in an art book.