Daylight & Architecture
    The corporate magazine that’s good enough to buy


    It’s the greatest achievement of a brand for its name to become interchangeable with a species of product. Velux is one that can rank up there with Coke, Xerox and Post-It. Since installing its first roof window in Denmark in 1941, the company has brought daylight and air to dark attics and roofspaces across the world.


    Having grown into a global brand through the 1990s, establishing a group of national sales operations and several production companies outside Denmark, in 2005 Velux asked Stockholm Design Lab to refresh its brand identity and carry out an overhaul of its internal and external communications. A key element of the new strategy was a branded magazine that would explore and celebrate not just Velux products or their contribution to architecture, but the much wider issue of daylight in buildings and in our lives.


    D/A (Daylight & Architecture), as the journal was titled, would be published three times a year and aimed at a readership that included architects, designers and specifiers. With no obligation from Velux to stick with corporate publishing convention, we created a minimally branded magazine whose design reflected the quality of the content, which included contributions from eminent academics and architectural writers. To bring the theme for each edition visually to life, we commissioned striking, provocative photo-essays and illustrations from leading artists, and raised the bar in terms of production values, to produce a journal that most of those interested in the field would happily pay for.


    The free rein given to SDL in D/A’s design led to a magazine that set new standards in the art direction and production of corporate publications. Its concept and design quality attracted a wider audience than simply those in architecture. In 2010, D/A’s commitment to editorial and design excellence was recognised with a Best of Corporate Publishing award in the Craftsmanship, Building and Architecture category. The BCP panel said: ‘A window magazine without windows. Daylight & Architecture brings daylight into the complex world of architecture through sensitive and inspiring themes and at the same time the magazine brings forward the brand in a brilliant way.’