A no gamble games brand


    DICE, an Electronic Arts company, is a world leading games company founded in 1992. Ten years later, the pivotal Battlefield 1942 would change the future of online gaming and DICE forever. Today, the highly regarded studio develops such award-winning tittles as Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge and Star Wars Battlefront games.


    Before being fully absorbed by American games gigant Electronic Arts in 2006 DICE asked Stockholm Design Lab to create a visual identity that would differentiate DICE from the competiton, and stand true to the values they had always believed in; quality, joy and innovation.


    The identity we created was based on a simple graphic language – conveying a a level of maturity somewhat unusual in the gaming world – and a philosophy that would identify DICE to customers and stakeholders as a studio that adds extra value and above-ordinary qualities to there products.


    Hundreds of awards for game quality and millions of sold games has proved that DICE ambition, that the DICE logo should be a seal of approval that all true gamers will learn to know and respect, has comes true. But as DICE states on their website “we are just getting warmed up.”