An evolved and optimised digital-first brand identity

Stockholm Design Lab has supported Ericsson’s multi-disciplinary design team on evolving and optimizing the brand identity. The evolved brand identity is intentionally rooted in product design principles and involves all aspects of the brand, from marketing collateral and software design, to experimental and hardware packaging.


The work was recently recognized for its excellence in brand design and user experience implementation with two Red Dot Awards for Brand Identity and Interface Design. The Red Dot Award is one of the world’s largest design competitions and has since 1955 been the revered international seal of outstanding design quality. In 2018, more than 8000 entries from 45 countries were submitted.


The Brand Identity award highlights Ericsson’s holistic brand optimization effort, which is based on product design principles.


The Ericsson Design System (EDS) – a comprehensive software development platform – was honored for its innovative approach to user experience, enabling agile software design and implementation.


Ericsson press release

New 18.435° angle of the logotype perfectly aligns to a pixel grid making screen rendering seamless
Updated curvature for a continuous effect