A fluid design system brings order to a messy painting experience


    Flügger, a paint giant with roots dating back to 1783, designs and produces a wide and coordinated assortment within decorative painting, wood protection, spackling paste, wallpaper and tools. Their high quality products are sold in approximately 600 shops spread over Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China.


    Flügger assigned SDL with a strategy and packaging redesign project for the launch of their new and improved formula for outdoor wood protection. We were asked to focus on creating a simple, yet striking design system that professionals and laymen alike could navigate easily.


    We looked at the full life of the product, from point of purchase to the moment of use – or from a structured retail environment to balancing on a ladder. We categorised the importance and priority of the obligatory information, and explored each step in process of buying paint – carefully examining each steps importance. Our studies resulted in a coding and navigational system which cover bases, numbers, colours and codes.


    Our design system helped priorities and structure information; it made the information become the design, without losing the visual connection to the durable content ready for extreme weather conditions. The different coats were divided into three number-ranged categories, and the different varieties of paint were colour-coded. Together they form a saturated, calm and simple range of improved paints fit for the Scandinavian climate.

    Scope of work

    Packaging strategy
    Packning hierarchy
    Packaging design
    User strategy