A progressive brand transition for South Korea's leading dosirak franchise

Since its introduction in 1993, Hansot’s dosirak take-away concept has grown into a franchise of more than 700 restaurants. First introduced in Seoul, South Korea in a 26m2 space, Hansot is now one of the leaders in the approximately US $1,8 billion South Korean dosirak market.


Hansot’s successful strategy has been to offer dosiraks (South Korea’s equivalent to bento box) at low prices using high-quality ingredients. Hansot has built trust with its franchisees to the degree that 1/3 of them operate for more than 10 years and some restaurants are even handed down to the next generation.


SDL have been working with strategy and design on a holistic brand transition programme for Hansot with an ambition to create a sophisticated and progressive global brand for the future. The result is a wide spanning identity system, where SDL has defined everything from interior design, clothing, packaging, in-store digital and website to colours, typography, graphic elements and logotype.


Scope of work:
Brand strategy
Brand identity
Digital design
Information architecture
Application design
Packaging system
Brand compliance support
Retail Interior