Hyundai Card
    A clear strategy and colourful concept for millions of transactions


    Hyundai Card, owned part by Hyundai Motor Group and part by GE Capital, is a Korean market leader in premium credit cards and one of the largest card issuers in the country. South Korea is one of the largest credit card economies in the world. With more than a 100 million cards in use, and spending amounting to a staggering $424 billion in 2012, it’s easy to understand that credit cards have to be taken seriously. However, this hasn’t always been true.


    In 2003, the country suffered some major problems that were related to consumers overspending and being able to acquire credit cards too easy. At that time, the average Korean owned at least four credit cards. Hyundai Card decided to change their strategy and focused on distinct groups of consumers; related to their spending needs and behaviour. Instead of having one card for all customers, Hyundai Card began issuing cards for specific target groups and we were brought onboard to help consumers understand the full range and each card’s benefits.


    To create a clear distinction between the individual cards and their indented use we constructed a strategy where each card was assigned not only a unique colour, but an accompanying creative concept including photography, packaging, invoices, newsletters and advertising, etc. The eye-catching concept and material innovation – all cards had individual surfaces but shared a bright, fluorescent core – helped change the face of Hyundai Card and ensure its place as the front runner of premium credit cards.


    The simple idea of colour-coded has cards created clarity for millions of consumers. Our strategy and concept combined with Hyundai Card’s market insight proved to be as brilliant as the cards where colourful: it help the company grow it’s market share from 1.7% in 2002 to 14.3% in 2011.

    Scope of work

    Design concept
    Communication concept
    Graphic design
    Research and development