Wrapping 8000 products in a simple, cost-efficient, and environmentally conscious way

IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, with 775 million yearly visits to its around 350 stores in 43 countries. SDL and IKEA has a long standing relationship and back in 1998 we got the assignment to create a new packaging system –  in close cooperation with the client – for IKEA’s more than 8000 non-furniture products.


SDL created an innovative packaging programme that is simple, cost-efficient and environmentally conscious (saving significant amounts of cardboard). The programme supports advanced logistics requirements, but also simplifies the buying process for millions of customers worldwide. Instead of closed boxes which “hide” the content, an open cardboard package wraps around and clearly shows the product. Additional graphics with unique pictograms, symbols and custom-made typography, support and clarifies the content further.