Introducing Lab Grotesque
S, D, L and other characters

Typefaces put things in perspective. Drawing type requires patience; the persistence to apply an idea to hundreds of characters, again and again. Thicker. Thinner. Steeper. Sharper. This process is complex, because it requires considering each individual character’s effect on the overall family, and at the same time observing the family’s effect on each individual character. It’s like a puzzle, where all pieces must fit together perfectly, no matter how you jumble them.

We’ve been thinking about a Stockholm Design Lab typeface for almost two decades. This gives us perspective. At the starting point we had in mind a typeface that would be uniquely ours, a typeface that would be reserved exclusively for our lab. Since 1998 we’ve worked hard to add value to the world by creating honest and long-lasting design, and we’d like to believe that our work has made a difference. That our effort and commitment as a small group has influenced the world around us.


Lab Grotesque is now available in the Letters from Sweden shop.

Our laboratory is far from a sterile environment, and the changes in the world around us has naturally influenced our thinking and doing. We once considered owning our own assets the most important part of our brand, but we are happy to admit we’ve reconsidered. Just as it is equally important that the individual characters in a typeface must be strong and independent, they must also mix seamlessly with their context. Good design and true value is only created when influence flows both ways. Sharing our assets is what sets us apart, it’s the foundation for real change, it’s the possibility to make good design available to more people than ever before.

We are very proud to introduce Lab Grotesque (you’re reading it right now). A typeface designed by us, developed in close collaboration with Letters from Sweden and now available for anyone to purchase and use.


If you want learn more about Lab Grotesque please contact Stockholm Design Lab or Göran Söderström, Founder and Type Designer at Letters from Sweden.

Corporate typography, 1998–2014

We have since 1998 designed notable typefaces for a wide range of brands and businesses. We consider typography to be a significant part of a visual identity, because it is identity embedded in the smallest parts; the letters with which the brand speaks. A good typeface becomes the personal handwriting of a brand – full of character and recognition.

Our assignments has over the years reached from global corporations to smaller businesses, below are a few selected typefaces we have designed.

The Scandinavian typeface, available in five weights, was developed for Scandinavian Airlines in 1998 as part of the new brand identity SDL created. Learn more about our relationship with SAS →

IKEA Sans is a specially-drawn typeface for exclusive use on all IKEA identity applications. It’s comes in a few different weights and with wide language support. Learn more about our relationship with IKEA →

An important part to revitalise the brand for world-leading window and skylight manufacturer Velux was clear and consistent typography. To achieve the goal we developed the custom typeface, Velux Sans. Learn more about our relationship with Velux →

The bold brand we created for Stadium in 2006 demanded a new, bold typography. One that would be durable and distinct. We designed Stadium Sans to support the organisations diverse needs. Learn more about our relationship with Stadium →