Panini Internazionale
    Well-balanced design concept puts Sweden’s freshest fast food chain in good health


    Panini was founded as a small delicatessen in 1990, owned and operated by four brothers. Their sincere interest in good quality, healthy food soon led them to expand their ambitions – wanting to be more ‘‘than a little bread’’. In 2012, to help make the transformation complete, the brothers reached out and asked us to design a new Panini experience.


    Together we set out to build a new Swedish food chain with the aim to redefine the concept of fast food. Panini needed two things: first, a new company name, one that would communicate their range of food influences from all over the world. And a brand platform and visual identity that could express how they passionately believe that ‘fast food’ can be fresh and healthy.


    The fresh international influences delicately combined with the brothers’ heritage became the recipe for Panini Internazionale – a distinctly different and better fast food chain. We developed a contemporary identity with a strong visual expression. A new logotype, additional symbol and a wide range of green shades, detailed patterns and graphic elements created a flexible toolbox that could be easily applied across all brand touch points, from front store program, packaging, sales material and interior design.


    The new strategy and the more developed, confident brand expression has put Panini Internazionale in good health. Today Stockholmers can enjoy a well-prepared, healthy meal at one of their 19 new restaurants. And Sweden’s freshest fast food chain continues to grow, expanding with 3-5 stores on an annual basis. In this culinary case, faster means better – for everyone.