Salzburg Milch
The up and coming dairy producer from Austria


The up and coming dairy producer from Austria, Salzburg Milch, is driving innovation in the premium milk segment as well as raising the standard levels in animal welfare, offering both regional and international consumers high quality milk from a collective of family driven farms – on average the farms have 16 cows. The animals are paramount to the brand where the cows walk on open pastures in the high altitude alp regions with the best conditions possible. 


With a vision of clearly communicating their high quality position in every touchpoint, giving the brand a unique and flexible visual expression. Salzburg Milch approached Stockholm Design Lab in the summer of 2016 with the task to create clear differentiation and stand-out in an otherwise homogenous, traditional marketplace. The main challenge was to incorporate the design system onto three quality levels with products ranging from milk and yoghurts to various cheeses and spreads. Making them all look and feel like part of one big family yet keeping each product differentiated enough for easy on-shelf navigation. Including various choices of fat contents, aging or flavors. 


We created a packaging system that is clearly rooted in Salzburg references. It conveys the SalzburgMilch personality; simple, warm and familiar, yet bold, premium and Austrian. Bringing in both the rural as well as the urban aspects of Salzburg life. All elements of the new visual expression have been carefully crafted to both unite and distinguish SalzburgMilch’s product range. The illustrations are simple, warm and fresh and can be varied in colors picked from the Salzburg landscape. Be it the celebration of the cow, in the pastures they graze – the Salzburgian alps or skyline.


After the first range has been launched, many happy customers and farmers have reached out to SalzburgMilch to express their positive thoughts. The outcome also reinforces SalzburgMilch’s work in communicating the importance of animal welfare as they are actively working to be one of the frontiers in the field. All cows must have the ability to move freely on the pasture or in their stable at least 120 days a year. It was also stipulated that no products containing palm oil nor proteins from outside Europe may be used for feeding. At the heart of the concept are new, annual health checks of the cows. The treatment and wellbeing of the animals is really what makes the milk premium. We just made a packaging design reflecting that!