Strong concept powers sports brand to new heights


Stadium, Sweden’s largest sports goods retailer, was facing new and growing threats. Its brand had stood still: stores and own-brand products still sported the slab-serif logotype that Stadium had introduced 20 years earlier. Its own-brand products – responsible for half its sales – were doing battle with brands worn by champions, such as Nike, Adidas and Puma. And its stores were facing fresh international competition from the likes of Decathlon and Intersport.


Stadium needed to change more than just its logotype. It needed to change everything: its visual identity, its stores, its merchandising and displays and a whole lot more. The team of SDL and TEA offered the chance to address these issues as a single, all-embracing project. Here was an opportunity: to develop a visual system with a core idea or concept that could increase Stadium’s brand equity and transform the customer experience.


We were looking for a concept, or “fifth element”, that would add tangible value to the Stadium brand: ownership of an idea that was central to sport, and that could propel Stadium beyond the reach of its rivals. We found it in numbers. Sport-specific numbers – including record-breaking times, speeds, scores, sizes, lengths and heights – would provide the visual and cerebral fuel for the brand, inscribed in the dynamic, angular font we drew for the logotype, on walls, displays, merchandise, price tags, in print, online, even on the truck bays of Stadium’s logistics centre.

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After 20 years of falling behind the competition, Stadium’s brand identity is fit for purpose. While other sports retailers compete purely on price, Stadium has found another gear. Brand equity has risen sharply, and the programme is driving expansion across Scandinavia, with giant stores taking the brand to an ever-increasing volume of new customers. For Stadium, the numbers keep going up.