New taxi service POP-ing up


Break A New Ground AB (BANG) was founded in 2014 to break the negative trend in the transport industry by starting Farewell. In 2015 BANG started WayWay – yet another step towards making transport more efficient and our roads less crowded. The idea behind WayWay was born in a traffic jam between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm City. On average 1.2 people sit in any given Swedish car. The back seat of a taxi is no exception. In addition the majority of taxis also drive to and from the same destinations. So an idea of a car sharing service for business travellers began to take form.


SDL was invited to the first steps of the new product, refining the details together with BANG the new brand was moulded to fit a high maintenance target group’s wants and needs. Making it every bit as simple as nice to interact with, still keeping a modern yet professional touch. 


A brand platform, name, visual identity was developed together with an easy-to-use app and website for companies and business women and men. User experience, interface and intuition was key when creating this new tool in a competitive market. 


Even before launch, WayWay had the privilege of several taxi companies backing the new service, including it into their own business models. We are excited to follow the big roll out and the reactions along the way…way. 

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