Private: Helly Hansen

Back to basics for baselayers

Helly Hansen has been making clothes for work, play and bad weather since the Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen’s made his original oilskins back in 1877. In the 20th century the company pioneered the three-layer principle, then introduced the original fleece in the 1960s and developed its LIFA breathable wonder-fibre in the 1970s which still forms the starting point for all of HH’s bestselling baselayer products.

To help preserve its position as the world’s leading baselayer brand, Stockholm Design Lab developed innovative and sustainable packaging for HH’s four baselayer product groups: HH Warm, HH Wool, HH Dry and HH One. With colour coded, highly visible labelling on the front together with comprehensive, graphic product information on the back, the packs both caught the eye and guided customers to the right choices. The simple cardboard box-and-drawer structure, with just an elastic cord retained in a hole in the top, made them easy to handle by sales staff and just as easy to recycle by consumers.