Congratulations Lova Nyblom!

Congratulations Lova Nyblom, this years receiver of the Chicken Scholarship.

Sweden’s Communication Agencies (KOMM) has established The Chicken Scholarship to promote and encourage new, talented creators. The scholarship is open to students or individuals who have been active in PR, advertising, design, illustration, film, etc. for a maximum of 3 years, regardless of their professional role. The three scholarship recipients are selected by a special jury. Lova Nyblom is a junior designer at Stockholm Design Lab. She has been recognized for, among other things, the visual identity for the Beckman’s graduation exhibition 2021, which she created together with some classmates.

The justification reads:

“To say that our next scholarship recipient could be Hilma af Klint’s avatar is not an exaggeration. With a craftsmanship that many spend their entire careers mastering, this person effortlessly balances between the analog and digital, the commercial and the scientific, between playful typography and classic art direction, without ever losing their balance or direction. With an experimental, strong and enviable portfolio, this scholarship recipient took the jury by storm. Congratulations Lova Nyblom.”

Previous Chicken Scholarship recipients at Stockholm Design Lab:

2010 – Nina Granath
2004 – Sakari Paananen
1989 – Björn Kusoffsky