Beckmans College of Design Development Scholarship by Stockholm Design Lab

Awarded to
Marcus Nystrand

Good design always has a strong content. Content strong enough to create change.
Change is created through development. Development is created through knowledge,
questioning, inventiveness, and courage.

Stockholm Design Lab’s scholarship, with a contribution of SEK 20.000, is to be awarded to the or those student/-s demonstrating particular interest and talent to work with projects that may lead to real development.

Motivation ”Synthetic Triggers”
For an interesting exploration of a topic. For investigating, asking questions and trying to find answers. For implementing an ambitious project of design, through technical crusades and quantitative research, in order to make it available to others.

Since 2002 SDL has awarded its scholarship to talented students. Previously the Development Scholarship has been awarded to (amongst others):

Bea Szenfeld
Sofia Lagerqvist/ Front
Rasmus Norlander
Tomas Mankovsky