Daylight & Architecture

Rediscovering the benefits of daylight

The relationship between SDL and VELUX began in 2005 when SDL was asked to develop a brand identity for VELUX and to improve its internal and external communications. A key element of the new strategy was a branded magazinethat promotes daylight in architecture. The Daylight & Architecture Magazine was born and published between 2005 and 2018, inspiring students of architecture as well as seasoned professionals all over the world to explore the benefits of daylight and have until today become a global knowledge-sharing initiative.

In 2022 VELUX asked SDL revitalize the visual language of the magazine and to optimise it for a digital context, catering for the magazine content and its activities Daylight Talks and the International VELUX Award (IVA).

The result is a further development of an already holistic and strong visual identity, a new website, an optimized digital experience and a platform that elevates knowledge-sharing. It highlights D/A as a clear sender with colour coding for the different activities. A visual language that enables the content to shine through in a dynamic and modular design packed with information. Yet easy to read and highly inspirational.

The website layout takes its inspiration from the heritage of printed editorial designs which is transformed into a digital context with focus on legibility, scalability and optimisation of the design system.

The extraordinary image library of the Daylight & Architecture magazine features the broad conceptual theme of daylight in buildings and our lives.

The approach is flexible to allow for multiple expressions and the three main pillars – Daylight & Architecture with its editorials and magazine, Daylight Talks and the internationally recognized VELUX Award. The design is consistant while also providing specific customisation and individual expression for the different pillars.

The editorial section of the website features a selection of templates catering for different content and needs. The templates are used and developed to highlight the editorial layout and to make each article unique.

The social media system allows for messaging variations and was purposed for three types of activities; D/A, IVA and Daylight Talks, following the colour coding from the identity. The templates utilise a systematic design system that is engaging and flexible, building and instilling long-term engagement.