Wästberg digital

Identity through informative e-commerce

Wästberg creates long-lasting, technologically driven, economically viable and environmentally conscious lighting. As part of the next stage in their business evolution, SDL designed and developed an optimised digital experience and e-commerce platform that elevates the brand and product experience. All in answer to the company’s positioning and long-term strategic direction. The new digital platform continues the holistic brand identity work by SDL, focusing on user experience to guide, educate and inspire users about the benefits of individual products, materials and technical innovations in creating well-being through good lighting.

The dynamic layout designed and integrated into the system allows for consistency while also providing specific customisation and individual expression across product and designer pages.

The fully customisable background colours create a deep link between products and the website experience, further enhancing the product pages and extending the identity and expression for usage in other touch-points and applications.

With Architects and Designers core to engagement with Wästberg, complex technical specifications needed to be easily accessed and utilised by customers. The result is an intuitive system that is fully responsive across devices.

Across the digital platform, macro highlights to the micro details, circles are used throughout the user interface, connecting and referring back to the shape of the Wästberg symbol and the form of many of the physical lamps, subtly connecting the identity holistically.

The fully integrated shopping experience takes a module approach, allowing for flexibility across product pages. Users are always one click away, creating a more direct and service-driven experience across the e-commerce solution.