New at the Lab!

5 July, 2014

Stockholm Design Lab launches new website

Welcome to our new website. We have decided to name it the Times edition, and it serves as our summer sneak peek. We are both happy and energised about this latest incarnation, and we think it embodies the agency SDL has grown to become – while still standing true to the principles we’ve always believed in.

2 July, 2014

New client: Venue Retail Group

We are happy to announce our new client, Venue Retail Group, owners of the handbag and suitcase retailer Morris in Norway and Accent in Sweden. The two chains will start a massive redesign project during 2014.

14 May, 2014

Björn Kusoffsky is awarded the life time achievement award Berlingpriset

Berlingpriset was instituted by Geith and Karl-Erik Forsberg on Karl-Eriks 75th birthday in 1989, and has since been awarded to prominent Swedish designers for their exemplary design, technical skill and excellent typographic treatment.

1 May, 2014

New client: Flügger

Stockholm Design Lab proudly presents Flügger as one of our new clients. We just finished a year-long project, developing Flügger’s new packaging design for their outdoor wood protection; Flügger Woodtex. During the coming years plans are to develop the entire packaging system for all of Flügger's products.