New at the Lab!

21 April, 2016

A-TO-B awarded a Silver Egg

Our work for A-TO-B was awarded a Silver Egg last night at the annual Golden Egg awards hosted by the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies. The completion was first arranged in 1961 and is today Sweden’s oldest, largest and most prestigious competition for the communication industry.

4 April, 2016

New client: SLAM

We are happy to welcome Slam as a new client. The Italian company was founded in Genoa in 1979, today it's a true icon for sailing enthusiasts around the world looking for high quality technical sailing gear. The company is currently going through a vast transformation by a new passionate management team to bring Slam back to its sailing roots – after years of drifting aimlessly. SDL have been tasked to help reinvigorate the brand and develop a new identity to allow the company achieve its ambitious goals.

29 March, 2016

Why 30 percent of Europe’s delivery trucks are empty

Together with Farewell we made a new film. 'Why 30 percent of Europe’s delivery trucks are empty' address the issue that today, in Europe alone, 35 billion km are driven by delivery trucks with nothing in. Logistics is big business, the road freight sector alone is valued to a staggering $2.2 trillion. And it’s growing, by almost 5% each year. Worryingly, so are its problems. We looked to football and to the stars to try and explain the ungraspable numbers, and to suggest a solution to this growing problem.

18 March, 2016


SDL is honoured to be featured in Design Solution, Swedish Design for 170 Years Exhibition hosted by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government and curated by Svensk For. Join us at Warehouse No.1 in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from March 12th to April 10th. Design Solution, Swedish Design for 170 Years Exhibition takes “Design Solution” as the theme while echoing with the core idea of the 2016 Taipei Design Capital, which is adapting “design thinking” in solving social issues. The exhibit will be divided into three categories; from 170 years of Swedish design development, visitors will explore Swedish design aspects that are the closest to social pulsation and finally see how design becomes the solution to social issues.