Stockholm Design Lab transforms brands and businesses with simple, remarkable ideas.

    We think at a global level and work across continents. And we keep an unswerving focus on what lasts. On clients rather than projects. On truth, not triviality. On intelligence, not speculation. On design that endures and makes a difference.

    That’s a hard thing to achieve. So we stay curious and open to the world around us. We work as a multidisciplinary team at all times, constructing strategy and pooling opinions, ideas and inspirations. And we remain independent, owned and directed by our founder. We speak our mind and seek solutions that answer our clients’ problems, no one else’s.

    Everything we do is directed towards positive, permanent change, and the transformation of brands into powerful assets. Each new challenge is assigned the talents that can add value, assembled from our lab and our collaborators. We challenge assumptions, extract insights, consider every angle, every touchpoint, every opportunity. And we only start the process of design when we have unearthed the truth of the matter, past, present and future.

    Welcome to Stockholm Design Lab.

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    New business

    Anneli Myrin-Holloway
    Client Services Director
    +46 733 55 1916

    Specific enquiries

    Press enquiries
    Interested in featuring Stockholm Design Lab work? Please contact press@stockholmdesignlab.se and we’ll help you as soon as possible.

    Career opportunities
    We’re looking for an Account Director to join our team. We do accept and file all applications, but unfortunately we cannot answer all applications personally. Please send a short introduction of yourself and link to your work to job@stockholmdesignlab.se.

    Please submit a short introduction of yourself and link to your work to intern@stockholmdesignlab.se. If your qualifications meet our current needs we will contact you and arrange a meeting.

    A long history of great relationships

    Stockholm Design Lab has since 1998 worked internationally and domestically with a wide variety of clients; from airlines, spirits brands, museums, fashion labels, hotel chains, fast moving consumer goods to retail environments, technology companies, cultural and educational institutions, and pharmacies. View our client list.