With an unswerving curiosity into human behaviour and an openness to the world around us, we uncover user and business needs. Insights that always form the starting point for our strategic and creative work.

We believe in the power of strong ideas that make a real difference. Ideas based on truth, not triviality, that are simple and intuitive enough to direct positive, permanent change and transform brands into powerful and valuable assets. Our work is all about moments of truth and long-lasting impact.

A holistic approach
It´s the sum of all interactions that constitute the experience of a brand. We therefore need to understand the entire brand ecosphere and anticipate future needs among the intended users, to be able to cater for seamless interactions across all touchpoints.

Truly differentiating
By staying firmly connected to the brand’s soul and reason to be, we develop unique and ownable brand experiences that are relevant, immediate and engaging.

Embracing change
The world constantly changes and evolves, and so must brands to stay relevant. We believe in building for flexibility and scalability to enable innovation in a fast changing and dynamic world. But at the same time endurance and consistency with a timeless approach.

What we do


Benchmark analysis
Customer journey mapping
User behaviour analysis
Target group analysis
Speculative design
Analysis of data
Research reports

Brand Design
Visual identity
Verbal identity
Sound Identity
Pictorial language
Motion design
Brand guidelines

Brand experience
Digital product design
Retail environments
Packaging Design
Service design
Application design

Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Brand platforms
Communication strategy
Content strategy
Design strategy
Digital Strategy
Portfolio strategy
Social media strategy

Brand communication
Brand Story
Communication platform
Communication concepts
Editorial Design
Social media
Brand films

Digital design
UX/UI design
Interaction design
Digital Design Systems
Digital prototyping
Information architecture
Component Libraries
Brand portals
Web 3.0

Our story

Our own moment of truth came in 1998. That year, an art director, an architect and a strategist joined forces to tackle a corporate identity programme of a scale and complexity that would have stretched the skills and resources of Europe’s most established brand agencies. The three shared a vision for a new kind of consultancy, one that could apply strategy and design to reinvigorate their client at the time, Scandinavian Airlines, and many others to come. A creative space where collaborations with a wider range of designers and specialists from other disciplines could give brands prominent presence in new and powerful places.

We are a multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, art directors, developers and servicing people that share the belief in design as a powerful tool to transform businesses and the society we live in. Through close collaboration and agile teams, we speak our minds and seek solutions that answer the challenges our clients and their users face, no one else’s. And we keep an unswerving focus on what lasts – on design that endures and makes a difference.


Stockholm is our home. Small but influential – a centre for technology and innovation deeply rooted in the Scandinavian philosophy of simplicity, democracy and excellence. Our beloved city influences us on a daily basis, but we always think at a global level and our work spans across continents and impacts a diverse international audience. Our work is demonstrated by a unique portfolio that spans over two decades and most industries – from well known global brands to diverse cultural and art projects, and small local businesses in their start-up phases.


Design is creation, process and result. Whether our work encompasses graphics, identity, architecture, interiors, products, packaging, exhibitions, digital experiences, services or communication – it’s all based on the needs of the intended user and comes down to making things better by balancing functionality and aesthetics. Design is really about improving how things work and to create positive, permanent change.


Our lab is a place for collaboration, revealing truths and experimentation. We work as a multidisciplinary team at all times constructing strategies and exchanging opinions and perspectives. Generating ideas and discovering new inspirations. We challenge assumptions, extract insights and experiment to find new angles and opportunities to set challenges. And we only start the process of designing once we clearly understand the past, present and future.