Private: Salzburg Milch

The up and coming dairy producer from Austria

Salzburg Milch is driving innovation in the premium milk segment as well as raising the standard levels in animal welfare, offering both regional and international consumers high quality milk from a collective of family driven farms.

SDL was approached with the task to create clear differentiation and stand-out in an otherwise homogenous, traditional marketplace. The main challenge was to incorporate the design system onto three quality levels with products ranging from milk and yoghurts to various cheeses and spreads, making them all look and feel like part of one big family yet keeping each product differentiated enough for easy on-shelf navigation. A packaging system that is clearly rooted in the company personality; simple, warm and familiar, yet bold, premium and Austrian where all elements were carefully crafted to unite and distinguish. The illustrations are simple, warm and fresh and can be varied in colors picked from the Salzburg landscape.