Bonniers Konsthall

Contemporary art in the heart of Stockholm

Bonniers Konsthall contacted us in 2015 with a wish to rebrand the entire venue. The new identity was to coincide with their 10-year anniversary and a total rebuild of the gallery, with a relaunch in early 2016. With a vision to be a bold and daring platform for artists, as well as a scene for open-minded discussions. The challenge, as for any art gallery or museum, was to create a strong and ownable brand identity without interfering with the art and artists.

The identity is built around dialogue and communication and to enhance the visitor experience. Bonniers Konsthall needed, in a clear and highly recognisable manner, to talk to their audience – before, during and after a visit to the venue. The logotype is created to be a modern element, serving as a part of the brand expression, rather than a corporate signature, not separating itself or suggesting any hierarchies. Typography therefore became an important carrier of the identity as we sought a flexible system that could carry many different expressions, depending on the exhibition or event.