Market Art Fair

A bold new look for Stockholm's leading art fair

Market Art Fair is an art organisation founded in 2007 devoted to supporting and strengthening the Nordic gallery scene. The annual fair is the highlight of the Stockholm Art Week every spring.

After 10 years on the Nordic art scene Market takes a major leap forward. With a new venue and new courage the fair moves from a newcomer to an established brand on the art scene. To celebrate this Stockholm Design Lab was asked to create a new look for the cherished event.

The new brand identity has a bold approach and refers to both the artistic and the commercial. Drawing inspiration from the world of FMCG with classic brands such as 7-Eleven, Dunkin ‘Donuts, Tesco, and in particular, the giant ESSO. It signals marketplace and commerce. But also gives an obvious nod to pop art and ready-made. Together they form the foundation and spirit of Market.

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Photography by Carl Kleiner