A new trail

Crescent is Sweden’s most renowned quality bicycle brand, founded more than 100 years ago. Since 1995 Crescent has been part of Cycleurope, one of the world’s largest cycle groups. SDL was asked to create a strong visual identity for Crescent’s mountain bike (MTB) range that would clearly differentiate from competitors and stand out from other bikes within their brand portfolio.

The traditional painted hike and bike trail markings were the inspiration for our design of the 2019 Crescent mountain bike range. These markings bear a lot of resemblance to the classic stripe found on many of the old Crescent seat tubes. We chose the stripe to be the main graphical feature on the bike, indicating the bike version together with the classic Crescent logotype and an alpha-numerical system of bike specs, thus leaving the frame bare from any other visual elements or decoration. On some more premium bikes, the stripe is painted directly onto the raw carbon material, just like the trail markings are painted directly onto the tree trunks in the actual environment, where these bikes are truly put to the test.

The trail of your choice
Världsmästarcykeln. The classic world championship stripe has been on Crescent’s bikes since 1948, the year Harry Snell won the gold medal on a Crescent bike.
The checkered stripe. A typical Crescent pattern since 1937
The orange colour has been a core asset to Crescent bikes since 1936.
Subtle tone-on-tone graphics on selected high-end quality components like this RockShox fork contributes to the overall clean look.