Poc and Forth

Apparel that can protect and withstand all the elements

Poc, founded 2005 in Sweden, with a strong mission “To do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists”. With this in mind they wanted to use their experience and knowledge in developing groundbreaking protection to create something meaningful for commuters and urban bikers. The first collection, POC and Forth, has a core series of jackets that will protect urban commuters from cold, wind and rain whilst enhancing safety through connectivity and interactivity. POC and Forth also includes additional products: a smart helmet; glasses; overshoes; gloves, all of which work seamlessly with the core of the collection to ensure future commuters have no limitations.

Taking a leap towards a more sophisticated look, yet staying true to the visual identity SDL created for Poc back in 2005, we developed a toolkit for the release of the new collection. Art direction and design of images, brochure, hangtags with an additional reflective, detachable sticker and the work/look-book encased in a limited edition handmade box.