Daylight & Architecture Magazine

A branded magazine celebrating not just the VELUX products, but the much wider issue of daylight in life.

It’s the greatest achievement of a brand for its name to become interchangeable with a species of product. Velux is one that can rank up there with Coke, Xerox and Post-It. Since installing its first roof window in Denmark in 1941, the company has brought daylight and air to dark attics and roofspaces across the world.

Velux asked Stockholm Design Lab to refresh its brand identity and carry out an overhaul of its internal and external communications. A key element of the new strategy was a branded magazine that would explore and celebrate not just Velux products or their contribution to architecture, but the much wider issue of daylight in buildings and in our lives.

29 unique issues bringing daylight into the complex world of architecture through sensitive and inspiring themes.

Rhythms of life

Issue 22 – A graphical representation of human time rhythms. In close collaboration with artist Jesper Waldersten.

Urban [Life]

Issue 17 and 18 – Exploring urban life and sustainable living through scales in the city. Both issues uses the same photographic imagery, but in different scales. Photography by Robert Polidori.

To bring the theme for each edition visually to life, we commissioned striking, provocative photo-essays and illustrations from leading artists.

Brendan Austin, Dan Perjovschi, Daniel Blaufuks, Felix Odell, Gerry Johansson, Gregory Halpern, Halfdan Pisket, Henrik Kam, Iwa Herdensjö, Jeremie Souteyrat, Jesper Waldersten, Joakim Eskildsen, Lamosca, Lars Arrhenius, Lars Tunbjörk, Michael Reisch, Ola Bergengren, Ole Christiansen, Rasmus Norlander, Robert Polidori, Simon Schubert, Susanne Wellm, Thekla Ehling and Ulrika Nilsson.