A passion for textile softens the hard times

Hemtex is Sweden’s leading home textile retail chain. Ever since its founding in the 70s they have provided high quality textiles for bath, bed and home. But over the years the need to strengthen its market position and keep up with the times had become increasingly obvious.

After vast market research and analysis it was clear that Hemtex was in a good position to target a younger audience with a modern, inspiring, price-worthy and softer concept. SDL developed a new, all encompassing, brand platform and identity focused on the true core of the company: the passion for textiles. With the new platform in place we successfully revamped both the interiors and exteriors of all the retail stores, re-launched the website and customer loyalty program, as well helped incorporate a revised assortment strategy.

The all-new Hemtex has been met with great enthusiasm from the staff as well as the customers, both long-time loyal ones and new fans. This enthusiasm has also been reflected on the financial side; after many challenging years Hemtex is now making a steady profit and is in better shape than ever.

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