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Red Bull Racing, a pinnacle of Formula One, embodies values that fuel their relentless pursuit. Fuelled by audacious innovation and boundless ambition, they redefine racing excellence. With a passion for performance, they orchestrate symphonies of precision on the track. SDL were asked by our client AOI for Oracle Red Bull Racing and Crypto trading platform Bybit to collaborate in the creation of a new NFT pass series, identity and communications for the official Red Bull Racing team. Throughout the season the campaign consisted of different releases by established NFT artists, where the identity, design system and communications were utilised.

Velocity is the essence of motion’s swiftness. It propels objects through space and time, a measure of speed in a specific direction. A fundamental concept shaping dynamics and our understanding of the universe.

Based on the concept of Velocity and the fundamental science behind it, all inputs became the starting point for exploration and development. Through a greater understanding of the science and the connection to speed and motor racing, a set of pure visual cues was formed.

The Velocity Pass is an NFT access key, granting holders exclusive entry to Red Bull’s limited-edition digital artworks by renowned artists, celebrating creativity and innovation.

Based on many core elements from the Red Bull Racing brand, such as colours and typography, the identity was then repurposed to form the Velocity concept. Numbers and motion helped to express the atmosphere of racing, while utalising certain colours in the support of expressing the artworks.

Motion Principles – Grid, Zoom and Diagonal were formed, adding to the Velocity brand toolbox. The motion mirrors and references some of the behaviours found in Formula 1 racing and are executed throughout applications across the communications.

The Velocity NFT pass was also influenced by the car itself, through a blend of mixing visual effects that are connected to the theme of velocity. These effects created a rich visual language to appeal directly to racing and the Web3 audiences.

As a dynamic NFT, the NFT changes depending on the time leading up to a race, during the race, and also after the race, with a variety of different states, from promotion of the next race, to the finishing position for the team.

The final NFT is packaged as a total NFT within the identity container, acting as a keepsake for the season. On purchase of the NFT, the owner is given exclusive rights to the different limited edition artworks released.

The social media system has been created to allow for a wide variety of communication needs, while still retaining the core expression of the identity. The social media system is utalised for the promotion of the activation campaign, as well as promotions of the drops themselves through the season.

“We’re really excited to be able to give fans a new, immersive, and fun opportunity to get even closer to the Team by owning part of our history with some truly special pieces of team memorabilia.”

– Christian Horner OBE

Velocity Series—a web3 experience that merges speed, technology, and art from the world’s leading digital artists.
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Red Bull Racing
A Web3 experience that merges speed technology and art from the world’s leading digital artists.
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Velocity Series by Redbull Racing and Bybit.
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