C Future City

Branding the future city

Real estate developer Centralcon Group envisions a new heart of the expansive innovation capital of China, Shenzhen, with the creation of urban district C Future City and its development laboratory C Future Lab. The aim is to utilise insight and technology shifts to serve humans better. Not only to satisfy basic physical requirement like eating and buying, but the spiritual need of socializing and development of interests.

SDL was assigned to develop the brand identities for C Future City and C Future Lab and to strategically ensure a holistic approach to all brand touch points in order to create equity, build world-class reputation as well as achieve preference among the target groups.

Photography: Ola Bergengren

Room for exploration, creativity and a sense of beauty form an environment that spark curiosity and promotes well-being.

Nature is a core element which offers both stimulation and energy, creating meaningful and restorative experiences.

Technology has become a part of every day. Innovation, function and service mix to enhance the quality of life.

A modular design system stemming from the C symbol and characteristic shapes of the headline typography is used for all layouts and applications.

The partnership is ongoing and comprises of visual identity, signage, wayfinding, digital, communications as well as iteration with partners within architecture, landscape and experience design.