Poetic identity for the Gardener's Inn

Ulriksdals Värdshus is a sweet spot. Only a stone’s throw away from Stockholm’s inner city, you will find a restaurant surrounded by forest, sea and cultivated land. The owners, Svenska Brasserier, had an ambition to change and modernize the traditional Swedish inn into a greener, simpler and more sustainable concept. The answer became Emmer – a restaurant with truly locally produced crops, serving modern Scandinavian food in a relaxed environment close to nature, and with the aim to attract a new conscious target group. Here, the cultural historical heritage meets locally produced food and the dream of a more sustainable future.

The visual concept for Emmer draws inspiration directly from outside – the garden’s plantings, the origin of the food and the cycle of nature – from the magical seeds, which spread with the wind, interact with water – and grow. We imitated the elements, the wind and the rain, and the visual identity resembles nature itself; playful, whimsical, colorful and organic.

Restaurant images by Erik Lefvander.