Riche Fenix

From myth to new icon

The owners of Riche aimed to expand their brand to Södermalm. The new bar would be the rebellious little sister of Riche, still embracing its origins. We got an open brief, in combination with a few prerequisites; a close collaboration with several artists (inheriting a process from the creation of Riche), and the request to incorporate Riche’s old logo into their new one – a bold move that added a touch of the unconventional.

The journey began with the perfect place with its own history. Thereafter we created a name, an identity, a mood. Through close collaboration we brought it to life. The result is a spirited and colorful identity that celebrates art, while remaining both functional and true to the idea of the original brand.

The identity is inspired by the story of the Phoenix bird, which is reflected throughout the space – from the old statue that watches over the door, to the various bird motifs that appear in unexpected ways. The wordmark is as distinctive and intriguing as the legend itself. The hologram by the door, as unexpected as the receipt holder, the toilet roof and the lobster on the sausage. Overall, the brand is a celebration of creativity – where taste, atmosphere, and art meet.

Working closely with artist Otis Huss, we crafted a vibrant and unique brand identity that seamlessly integrates the logo, symbols, illustrations, and paintings with the physical environment, created by interior architects Louise Tungården and Ellen Nyqvist.

The colour palette takes inspiration from the story of the Phoenix building it’s nest with spices from Arabia, lighting itself on fire and rising from it’s own ashes. But also the interior and stories taking place at Riche Fenix, with inspiration from Otis illustrations.

The typography and its orderly grid act as a contrasting layer to the artistic identity, proving the owner’s heritage and past experience.

Instead of a typical signage, they opted for a stunning facade artwork by Cecilia Ömalm. It features red neon lines resembling five fingers with red-painted nails and includes a sculpture of the historical phoenix bird that burns and resurrects above the entrance.

The core of the identity spawns from the heritage of Riche Birger Jarlsgatan, where artist Jockum Nordström created the logo and illustrations which has set the tone for Riche over the years. We collaborated with emerging artist Otis interpreting Riche Fenix.
Logo and illustrations by Jockum Nordström for Riche Birger Jarlsgatan
Receipt holder at 
Riche Birger Jarlsgatan
Interior colors being choosen
Inside Fenix as a Pharmacy in the 1890’s
Original illustration by Otis Huss
Fenix facade in the 1930’s
Original illustrations by Otis Huss