SAS regains its Scandinavian soul and rises above its rivals

SAS set itself on a new course to capture a greater share of the non-business market. This would be less like turning the wheel of an aircraft than turning around a supertanker. It set itself – and SDL – the task of reinventing the brand and creating a travelling experience with universal appeal. Our strategy for creating a clear difference between the airline and its competitors was to restore its connection with good design – specifically, Scandinavian design – that was established in the 1950s.

From aircraft livery to hair pins, from airport signs to salt packets, SDL completed the redesign of the brand with 2500 items in an exhaustive, award-winning design programme that lasted several years and took airline branding to new heights. Scandinavian has been transformed by simplicity, consideration and reliability, and an intense attention to detail – values that resonate with travellers around the world.

SAS airplane model
Kerning tables for the Light weight of the Scandinavian typeface, August 1998.
Destination photography, Dubai
Destination photography, New York