Unifying design strategy for the sustainable airports of the future

Swedavia is a state held company that owns, operates and develops ten strategically important airports in Sweden. These airports open up Sweden to Europe and the rest of the world, thus creating the accessibility needed in order to accommodate tourism, business opportunities, meetings and so forth. Every year Swedavia’s 2,400+ employees welcome, guide and assist approximately 39 million travelers. In 2016 seven airports reached an all time high in visitors, and direct flight lines to new destinations are quickly adding up. The pressure is high, to say the least. Thankfully, Swedavia is a world leader in developing sustainable airports with the least possible environmental impact.

Based on Swedavia’s values, brand platform and insights fetched from extensive research, SDL has developed a sustainable creative concept, design strategy, signage, imagery and a variety of manuals. With these tools in hand, Swedavia’s airports are able to work together towards a common vision with a unified design strategy. SDL has consistently worked from a consumer perspective, focusing on simplifying and improving the experience for both travelers and store/restaurant owners alike. All touch points where Swedavia can make a difference have been carefully considered.

Project partners:
Brendan Austin
Felix Odell
Kalle Sanner
Mattias Jersild