Stockholm Furniture Fair

A guiding force

Since 1951, the Stockholm Furniture Fair has been a force in progressing the Scandinavian design community and bringing it together. They are paving the way with passion, creativity and authority. SDL had the honour of creating an updated visual identity for the Stockholm Furniture Fair aimed at manifesting its position in an international context. Inspired by the colours of the Swedish flag, using them in a new way, the Stockholm Furniture Fair marks its presence with an iconic, distilled visual expression. With the help of technology, we have the imagery acting as a visionary, unseen representation of the design world. It is a dynamic concept built on contradictions and inclusivity. Both personal and commercial. Both many and one.

Photos by Martin Brusewitz

The colour palette is striking, distinct, and contemporary. It is inspired by the colours of the Swedish flag and the Scandinavian design heritage, making a mark whenever used.

A bespoke typeface, Ivar SFF, was created with Letters From Sweden. It is a modern typeface inspired by Times’ graceful and sturdy construction, dating back to the 16th century.

The grid system provides both consistency and design flexibility.
The amount of columns allows us to place information in a way that is both intuitive and distinct.

The image language uses new technologies to portray a visionary, unseen representation of the design industry, and each year, we create a set of images to reflect that idea.

Developed to create intrigue and awareness, social media is a key application to the identity and brand as a whole, extending to storytelling, strengthening Stockholm Furniture Fair as a source for inspiration.

Photos by Martin Brusewitz

The whole idea and raison d’etre of Stockholm Furniture Fair is to collect, combine, and bring together the design world, starting conversations.

In 2023, we used Lidar technology to make existing pieces of furniture look surreal. For the 2024 fair, we used artificial intelligence (AI), creating real-looking pieces of furniture from imaginary ones. The images act as inspiration and have people question what they are seeing. They exist to spark conversations and new ideas, which is the essence of the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


The New Era Magazine – A gathering force, Stockholm Furniture Fair
"We always look for the remarkable idea that makes the difference. With Stockholm Furniture Fair we focused on the gathering force they are in the industry, ” says Björn Kusoffsky, CEO and founder of Stockholm Design Lab when we visited the SDL studio in Stockholm.
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