Stockholm’s sharpest district

The Stockholm Meatpacking District is in transformation from an industrial area dating back to the early 1900s to an urban district where housing, workplaces, trade and services coexist with new parks and squares. In contrast to the nearby large format arenas, right at the intersection between busy Södermalm and luminous villa suburbs, Slakthusområdet offer a small-scale environment focusing on food, culture and experiences. Culturally and historically valuable buildings are preserved and developed together with thousands of new homes and workplaces. A place characterized by constant transformation, liveliness and creativity.

The assignment was to bridge the rich heritage into an ever contemporary present through a framework identity that could house a wide range of initiatives and expressions. Playful and accessible in its appeal that work alongside the different actors in the district.

The core of the identity – which is present in imagery, text treatment and layouts – derives from the industrial history of cut food and repeated production, as well as the longterm and ongoing transformation of the area. The design language supports eternal variation and cohesion, with the simple all caps typography carrying recognition.