The next perspective

Thematica aims to deliver long-term investment and financial returns while pivoting society in a sustainable direction. They redefine traditional asset allocation by focusing on supply chains within disruptive megatrends, challenging investors to lead the way in a changing world. The funds offer exposure to breakthrough technologies of innovative companies, targeting a pure-play selection that aligns investments with the energy transition. Stockholm Design Lab has worked with Thematica to develop a brand platform, bridging strategy to a creative concept based on their vision, focus on disruptive technologies and future perspective. The brand identity is applied across multiple applications with the digital platform forming the hub for information while guiding both retail and private investors to enable and unlock the next sustainable evolution.

The Next Perspective formed the creative concept, linking brand strategy to identity and executed across a variety of applications. Art Direction and photography were utilised to set a unique image language for the brand, elevating engagement and expressing attention to breakthrough technologies and the sustainable categories that will enable a better tomorrow.


The digital platform was created to enhance both communications and awareness of the unique Thematica offering to potential investors, as well as becoming a source for news on related themes, while enforcing the attention and expertise to future-focused investments.

Core digital components and mico-moments were designed across the design system and applications, allowing for intuitive and pinpoint interactions that highlight information and data inputs.

The digital platform has been designed to be the one source of communications and information. Photography, numbers and data all merge to create an experience that inspires and informs, while guiding users through relative sections. The website is built for scalability, enabling new funds to be configured through the digital components and rolled out with ease. Photography and film by; Greg White

Based on the social media strategy to engage retail, private and future investors, the system allows for rapid communications and execution of information to target audiences, enhancing knowledge with all up-to-date news, while helping to drive traffic to the digital platform.

The colour palette is defined to offer a more dynamic expression over time. Building on a neutral base of blacks, greys and white, it forms accents and tints of subtlety that can be applied in a variety of ways over different applications, keeping the brand alive while also signalling shifts in the Thematica offering and funds.

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