Transfer Galaxy

Empowerment beyond borders

Transfer Galaxy is a best-in-class digital platform for international remittances, offering customers a safe and secure service for people to send money back to their friends and family. The platform is easy to use and offers a more direct and cheaper way to transfer money by enabling the transfer of funds to a large selection of digital solutions, such as mobile wallets. Transfer Galaxy currently offers transfers from 25 different countries in Europe to 22 countries around the world, while constantly increasing the number of receiving countries. By leveraging smart technologies they help democratise the process of international remittances.

SDL was tasked with developing a new brand platform that formed a foundation for the company to move forward into new territories. From this definition the visual identity answers to a mix of audiences and a variety of cultural backgrounds with individual communications and needs at the forefront.

The visual identity utilises a creative concept based on the commonalities found among the receiving nations, where nature and natural land borders became the core guiding influences. The colours, hues, terrain and landforms, were all put into focus as identifiers commonly linking the regions. This also helped to signal the subtleties and the idea of a world without borders.

Communications formed a main touch-point for the brand, helping to enforce not just the services, benefits or digital features, but also the values and vision of Transfer Galaxy. Multilingual executions help to enforce trust within the regions as well as the core customers locally.

The digital system and components created has provided Transfer Galaxy with the tools to develop a variety of digital experiences that can extend the services as and when needed. The simple, no-fuss expression puts focus on the functionality, offering users a more direct and easier way to make remittances.

Dynamic animation techniques add and support the idea of speed and fluid transfers, while at the same time allowing functionality and identity to merge.