Unlocking greater discoveries within life science

As the need for more and better therapies increases, Viedoc is pushing themselves and the life science industry to change the standard of conducting clinical studies — designing new, engaging software that will accelerate all aspects of clinical studies. To take things to the next level, Viedoc joined forces with Stockholm Design Lab to elevate their brand strategy, visual identity, user experience, and user interface to unmatched levels. The strategy revolves around enabling discoveries and has ties both in the innovative culture of Viedoc and the scientific nature of their clients.

The visual representation of the brand is a testament to the genetic code of life, the DNA, which embodies Viedoc’s core of facilitating accessibility and acceleration. The dots and the grid were introduced as foundational elements, representing the building blocks of life

Imagery is vital in the Viedoc identity and a differentiating feature within the life science industry. This is where people and products meet, where tech is combined with human life, and science is merged with graphics and messages.

Typography with its usage and placement is key to the Viedoc expression. Based on an existing font, we created a bespoke typeface where we put accessibility first but without compromising on the aesthetics.

Viedoc consists of a resilient and intelligent core, but since clinical studies are complex enough, they’re putting a lot of effort into making what matters more accessible. For the redesign of the application interfaces we also decided to remove visual distractions to simplify the workflow and making solutions visible. The dark and light mode was introduced.

Viedoc has perfected the craft of making clinical data more accessible and creating a secure environment for client’s and patients’ data. With a clear strategy and a visual identity in place, Viedoc will continue to innovate for the life science industry – making what matters more accessible, to create a healthier world.