Learning made human

Sana is the global leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence to learning. They partner with the world’s leading organisations to transform learning outcomes with personalised learning. Their interdisciplinary teams consist of experienced engineers and scientists with backgrounds from Google AI and Spotify to Imperial College and BCG Gamma. By utilising Learning Science, Sana finds insights from educational psychology to optimise how people learn.

SDL collaborated closely with the internal Sana design and product team, marketing and management to create a new brand strategy and brand identity to disrupt the traditional E-learning sector and create awareness amongst users and companies. Typography in collaboration with Letters from Sweden.

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The colour palette has been designed to allow for a variety of needs and communications. Specific colours are also pin-pointed for optimised digital appearance and usage.

The social media system has been designed for brand building and driving referrals to other touch-points, such as the website, podcasts, events and campaigns. Through targeted promotion, the aim is to create engagement and awareness within the very traditional E-learning segment.  

The belief that learning is the foundation for human progress and a way to create better versions of ourselves informs everything Sana Labs does. With breakthroughs in AI and machine learning, Sana has developed a platform to make learning personalised, collaborative and engaging.

Studio backgrounds and light gradients were created by combining different colours from the identity colour scale. Backlight creates silhouettes for more abstraction when and where needed.

Sana simplifies, unifies, and amplifies learning within organisations. By understanding what and how each employee is learning, Sana elevates the right content at the right time to ensure the knowledge sticks fast and curiosity keeps growing.


”In Sana’s journey of reimagining learning, SDL understood our needs and potential, elevating us and our mission through the creation of a new brand identity. Throughout the collaboration, they were truly passionate about raising the bar in making personalized collaborative learning accessible and delightful. In this work, they delivered strategy and design that created a solid foundation for the next steps of our evolution.”

– Victor Ginsburg Müller, Director of Design, Sana Labs