Absolut Vodka

Strengthening a design icon

Absolut Vodka is one of the most well known vodkas in the world; sold in 126 countries. Since 1979 the Swedish vodka manufacturer has partnered with true creative visionaries, from Warhol and Jay-Z to Spike Jonze and Konstantin Grcic, inspiring them to develop unique works of art.

When the Absolut Company, part of V&S Group, was sold to Pernod Ricard in 2008, an update was necessary to emphasise that every drop of Absolut (still) comes from one source – the to most people unknown village of Åhus in southern Sweden. In 2008 Stockholm Design Lab was given the responsibility to gently redesign the iconic Absolut bottle. After exploring future design possibilities a careful design process started where every detail of the icon was given special attention; from the glass thickness to different types of embossing and debossing, typography and illustrations, security seals and cap material. And more.

The carefully updated design was manualised, and over 20 artworks for different bottle sizes were produced, ensuring the Absolut Vodka bottle remains true to its heritage and will continue to live on as an icon.


Original Absolut bottle design by Carlsson & Broman.