A hint of Scandinavian design blended with 500 years of tradition

In Scotland, the first evidence of whisky production comes from an entry in the Exchequer Rolls from 1494. In Sweden, the first endeavour into whisky production came in 1999 when Mackmyra successfully distilled their first bottle. And Mackmyra’s commitment to whisky was validated in 2011, when they opened their new gravity distillery, designed by our friends at TEA, outside of Gävle, Sweden.

Our relationship with Mackmyra began in 2013 when they approached us to help create packaging for their seasonal limited edition whisky’s; our first assignment was Midvinter (Mid-winter). The winter whisky had matured in mull wine barrels, giving it a hint of the traditional Scandinavian winter beverage, and a taste of Mackmyra’s dedication to its Swedish origin. We designed a frost white, label-less bottle that embodied the characteristics of the northern mid-winter; scarce and cold, yet surprisingly intriguing and appealing. To support and strengthen the minimal expression we created a rigid, bold, and straightforward typographic expression, that has become the signature for the series.

Mackmyra’s aim to attract whisky drinkers with high demands, knowledge, and interest was met and surpassed; Mackmyra has in recent years picked up several awards in international competitions, and our bottles have become a popular article of virtue among whisky fanciers worldwide.

Our latest collaboration, the limited edition Midnattssol(Midnight sun) was launched in the spring of 2014, just in time for the traditional Swedish midsummer celebration.

Photography by Marcus Hansen