Crystal clear design for crystal clear water from Mt Akka

High above the Arctic Circle, deep inside the rugged woods of Sweden, a natural water has been purified for millennia. A water from the north of the North. Water as it was meant to be; fresh, pure, with a perfect balance of minerals. It is called Akka, after the divine mountain known to the indigenous people of this barren region as the goddess of all things good and beautiful in the world.

The premium water from Mt Akka, Lappland, Sweden comes bottled in three sizes: 33 cl, 75 cl and 100 cl, both as still and sparkling water.

The straightforward bottles are labeled with a massive A, a symbol of both quality and heritage; reminiscent of the divine massif. The name Akka sparkles in silver below the A, just like the well where the water is bottled.

Photography by Marcus Hansen