Accelerating the transition to solar

Alight is a purpose-driven organisation, with the goal to create at least 1 GW of installed solar capacity in 5 years. Alight builds, operates and owns solar projects, onsite and offsite, offering better power to large corporations, with expansion plans across Europe. More than a third of new power generation capacity added globally is now solar, making solar energy an obvious choice for industry leaders across the globe.

With a focused team specialising in solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), Alight is dedicated to bringing success to the corporations they partner with through solar power.

The Earth revolves around the sun providing light, energy and vitality. This is fundamental for life and forms a key part of the creative concept, through the visualisation of transitions and the necessity of time.

The strategic and holistic design work has included the creation of a brand platform, visual identity and touch-points to simplify and adapt to todays and tomorrows customers' needs. The new brand identity focuses on a professional approach that elevates Alight’s expertise within the industry.

Photovoltaics is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials. The image language relays this concept, forming a foundational idea that is developed for a variety of applications and future communication needs.

The digital platform is a core component for communications around Alight’s services and solutions. Guiding and informative, the modular system is designed for scale and expansion, forming a hub for marketing activities and engagement.

Data visualisations are an important tool for communications and the product experience, helping to define an immediate, to-the-point and functional expression.

The social media system allows for variations in messaging based on targeting. Lifting aspects of the design principles, communications can be data focused, factual and expressive.

The symbol is applied dynamically, yet through a functional technique, creating flexibility for multiple executions and usages.

The solar panel, an important element of the Alight’s process, services and solutions, creates a strong foundational grid system for variation in mixed applications.

Design principles were formed early in the process, developed to guide the identity and ways of working, setting the right expression for the brand by aligning to customers expectations and business strategies.

The brand identity illustrates Alight as a progressive company that is professional, trusted and easy to work with. Helping companies to make the complex simple and for society to reap the benefits in the transition to solar.