Technology for mankind

OPPO is one of the largest consumer tech companies in the world, developing innovative smart devices. The brand is determined to be part of creating an inspiring and optimistic future – empowered by technological innovation. As part of a larger strategic redirection of the brand, SDL was approached by OPPO to develop a new visual identity system that would support the new strategy.

In close collaboration with the OPPO brand team, SDL have created a revitalized identity, unifying and clarifying the brand’s expression – with the objective to stand strong in the fierce global competition. The scope of the assignment comprises custom typography, a new colour scheme, a layout system, a 5th brand element and the redefinition of the brand’s image language. The new visual identity system offers tools for creating a consistent and user friendly brand, with an optimistic spirit – resonating with OPPO’s community.

OPPO is sold at 200,000 retail outlets in 60 countries, has 500 million users worldwide and 40,000 employees.

The custom designed typeface is the new voice of OPPO, having an overarching impact on the entire brand.

Founded in the brand’s green heritage, the new brand colours are defined to convey the sophistication of OPPO’s innovation and technology, as well as the brand’s optimistic spirit.

“Inspiration Ahead” is OPPO’s attitude towards the current state of the world, and is also shared by the group of people that OPPO wants to empower.

The responsive layout system offers consistency and flexibility – a powerful tool for building an inspiring brand.

OPPO is the interface between people and their lives: friendly and intuitive. The 5th element is a versatile visual interface module, emphasizing OPPO’s communication.

OPPO is the proud sponsor of sports events such as the UEFA Champions League, Roland Garros and Wimbledon.