Innovation lighting

Lighting company Wästberg emerged from a young Swedish man’s precocious insight — that man had been deprived of private spheres in a misguided pursuit of efficiency and standardisation. Wästberg wanted to bring back light to human proximity. After ten years of activity, Wästberg has now left its own private sphere — to be considered as an established player in, and for, the public eye. Expressed through the combination of aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and resource conservation.

Photography by Johan Kalen.

“One eye sees, the other feels" – Paul Klee

Positioned to blend technology with accessible aesthetics, the identity expresses attention to innovation and a genuine intention to create well-being.

The image language has been created to add flexibility to a variety of customer types, from architects and interior designers, to like-minded customers who value good design and functional details that improve quality of life.

Each lamp is approached with its aesthetics and usage in mind, lifting angles that are important to give the best understanding. Geometry and space are utilised as an advantage to highlight the benefits the products provide.

The foundational colour palette creates a natural platform for the products and communications, utilising key accents as functional and technical highlights.

Developed to create intrigue and awareness, social media is a key application to the identity and brand as a whole, extending to product development, storytelling, and real-life usage through a variety of situations.