The Daylight Award

Best practice in daylight

The Daylight Award honors and supports daylight research and daylight in architecture, for the benefit of human health, well-being, and the environment. It places specific emphasis on the interrelation between theory and practice.

The award is given biennially in two categories; Daylight Research and Daylight in Architecture and is provided as two personal prizes, each to the sum of €100,000. Exceptionally for 2020, and to mark the 40th anniversary of the first Daylight Award given to Jørn Utzon, Henry Plummer was given the award for lifetime achievement.

The Daylight Award is presented by the philanthropic foundations, VILLUM FONDEN, VELUX FONDEN, and VELUX STIFTUNG, established by Villum Kann Rasmussen. The foundations support a wide range of non- commercial purposes through scientific, social, cultural, and environmental projects.

The three foundations have a long history when it comes to awarding best practice in daylight. Since 1980, they have awarded daylight prizes to, among others, Jørn Utzon (DK) (1980), Henning Larsen (DK) (1987), Bob Gysin (CH) (2007), Richard Perez (USA) (2008), Peter Zumthor (CH) (2010), James Carpenter (USA) (2010), Lacaton & Vassal (F) (2011), Gigon & Guyer (CH) (2012) and SANAA (JP) (2014).

SDL has a long relationship with Velux since 2005. In 2016 Stockholm Design Lab created The Daylight Award’s visual identity. As part of the accolade 2020, SDL was approached to create important communication touchpoints and elements for the celebration. The result ranged from video, and digital visuals for SoMe to the physical production of medals and boxes and an invitation booklet—Every application is following the visual concept drawing it’s inspiration directly from the motion and the life of daylight.

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Laureates 2020

Jury Statement

While laureate Russell Foster studies the science behind the effect of light on human behavior and physical and mental well-being, laureates Juha Leiviskä and Henry Plummer approach the effects and implications of daylight intuitively through architectural design, photographic expression, and verbal mediation of these human responses. Whether elucidating the neural effects of light or invoking the poetic essence of light, the laureates of the 2020 Daylight Award demonstrate to us the power of light.